Building a fence is a great asset and addition to the home in a lot of ways. They provide protection and privacy, as well as even add value. When homeowners decide to install a fence on their property, it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. There are several key things to consider before beginning the installation process, and spending any money. These are the top 5 things to know before building your fence.

Everything starts with the homeowner’s desires. So the first thing that should be known is exactly what you want to get out of the fence. Understand the benefits and drawbacks of any fence type that you would install. And if you are looking for a fence that provides protection, do not purchase a fence that will compromise that.

With any upgrade to your home that’s going to cost a reasonable amount of money, there should be some research done. Inquiring with other members of the neighborhood, and with key city officials regarding building codes, will let you know the parameters you are working within. It would be unfortunate to go spend money and make arrangements for something you are not permitted to do.

Before the fence can be installed, the materials must be purchased. This is the part of the process that is probably the most fun, choosing the materials. Always consider what it will mean down the road when you install that particular material. For instance, picket fences may look great, but the amount of maintenance that’s required should definitely be understood beforehand.

Considering the opinions of your neighbors is a very important part of the installation. There is no need to set up any kind of disputes down the road, simply because you did not want to consider what your fence installation would mean to your neighbors. Agreements between multiple parties for shared fences should be put in writing. Property boundaries should also be agreed upon beforehand.

The last consideration is to decide whether or not you need professionals to install your fence. It may be possible to install your fence yourself, but it is certainly not a task that the average homeowner is equipped to handle effectively. Make sure you give your property the best fence possible, by using a professional fence installation company.