All fences are meant to give you privacy to some degree. Homeowners will erect a fence because there’s a need to delineate the property from the rest of the neighborhood. Any kind of fence will be able to accomplish this, but to truly be a “privacy” fence it will have to do more than simply form a boundary. The true definition of privacy implies seclusion and isolation. How isolated are you if your neighbors could possibly see you and touch you, despite your fence? So, the following are some of the best privacy fences:


Erecting a privacy wall can sometimes make the property look like an institution or a prison. For homeowners that seek privacy, but want to maintain a sense of elegance, the vinyl privacy is always a good choice. The vinyl fence can come in different heights to give various levels of privacy. The 4’ height vinyl fence will keep outsiders at arm’s length with its solid, side-by-side posts. And a 6’ fence will further restrict viewing, but neither of these options will detract aesthetically.


Wood is a common material used for all types of fencing, including privacy. The heights can generally be extended to as high as 8 feet. However, it will be necessary to contact your local housing authorities to find out if there are restrictions. Wood privacy fences are constructed board on board, and leave no space for outsiders to view your property behind the fence. The only concern with some wood privacy fencing is that, it could unintentionally be made to resemble a commercial fencing, such as a junkyard.

Chain link

Contrary to popular belief, chain link fences can actually be turned into privacy fences. They normally have holes that obviously do not keep out eyes, or fingers. But the chain link fence can be installed with privacy screens. This will probably be a less expensive option as well. There are a variety of screening fabrics and colors to choose from that can give many different degrees of privacy. Block out viewing completely, or choose lighter shades for a softer look.