When homeowners erect a fence on their property, they usually use building materials based on several factors. One of the most important is the durability of the fence, and how long it will withstand the elements. Some fences will require more maintenance to keep them up and looking good. And of course, some fences don’t receive the attention they need, and ultimately they start to deteriorate, or become unsightly. When this happens, property owners will usually decide to tear down the old fence and start over. The following are a few tips to remember when tearing down an old fence.

A fence is usually erected to separate properties, forming a boundary line between homes. So, if you weren’t the owner of the property when the fence was put up, or simply you didn’t erect the fence, homeowners have to move cautiously. If you bought a home with the fence already erected, you need to make sure that the fence is actually on your property. People will often make assumptions about ownership of a fence, because they think it’s on their property. Then they tear down the fence only to find out they have destroyed their neighbor’s property.

If it’s on the neighbor’s property, it’s simply not your fence to tear down, no matter how unsightly or dilapidated it is. What you might want to do is discuss it with your neighbor. Tearing down a worn and unsightly fence will be a benefit to the entire neighborhood. They may be willing to knock down their fence, so that you will be able to put up yours. This is a discussion that any homeowner should have long before they tear anything down. But if it is definitely your fence, on your property, then you can proceed with the tear down process.

Also before digging, find out about what’s lying underneath that you might accidentally be digging up. This is referring to the particular utility wiring that could be running through your yard. Some fence posts have been dug in for a while, and repairmen, or installation techs may have laid wiring around and through them. Your fence removal project could cause substantial damage to the entire neighborhood if you’re not careful. Inquire with all utilities and find out if there are any potential problems with tearing the fence down.

If you are not going to use a professional contractor to complete the job, then safety should be your biggest concern. Make sure that you have the proper equipment to complete the task. Find out what needs to be used by inquiring with a contractor to see what they would use. The task of removing a fence can take heavy-duty equipment. Many fences are installed using concrete for stability. When deciding to tear down an old fence, it can be a very difficult job. So hiring a contractor is often the wisest route. But for those that are up for the task, finding out all you can about the necessary equipment will be helpful.