One of the most rewarding aspects of owning a home is spending time outside on your property during the summer months. Whether you are lounging by the pool or playing fetch with the dog, you want to make sure your belongings stay in and unwanted visitors stay out. For a safe, relaxing summer at home, privacy fences can provide many benefits:


Privacy fences offer a barrier to would-be criminals. Tall fencing prevents criminals from seeing into your property and offers an obstacle to climb. Privacy fences of any size prevent would-be burglars from removing large pieces of outdoor furniture and property. Fencing also keeps out wild animals as well, like the cute black bears that have been spotted in the Triad.


There is a good chance you don’t want the teenager next door watching you sunbathe. With privacy fencing, you can take the private comforts of your interior to your property outside.


Privacy fencing can be a surprisingly effective way to accent a home’s landscape. The material used in this kind of fencing is often accepting of paints and stains that can match gardens and exterior decorations.


Depending on the height and material used for privacy fencing, it can greatly protect your property from the elements. Fencing can provide a barrier against strong winds and can even offer shade to gardens.


Privacy fencing, if well maintained, can increase the value of a home. Privacy fences, particularly those made of heavy-duty plastic, are designed to last a long time and will generally only require a little maintenance to stay in good shape.

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