Whether you are beautifying your home or just adding additional security, wooden fences are a great investment. They are simple, yet durable. Although wooden fences are a simple solution to many of your home problems, there is one major drawback—decay.

Wooden fences decay over the course of a few years is inevitable. Rain, dirt, and wildlife eventually take their toll. Why waste time and money on something that will only decay in the short run? You will just need to continually replace parts of the fence in the end.

Here lies the value of using a steel post when installing a wooden fence—absolutely zero decay. Some people may find the look of a steel post unappealing, but if built correctly, steel posts can be hidden. By using steel posts, the portions of the wood fence that need replacement will lessen greatly. Your work will be cut in half.

So whether you are building a wooden fence yourself or hiring a professional, steel posts are a necessity. They make your job easier, while giving your fence a long-lasting life.

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