Gates are a great accent to any home. They can encompass your home, garden, or even pool. Your property needs will determine the type of gate most suitable for you. With today’s technology, automatic gates have become a hot commodity. Your two main options for automatic gates are swinging and sliding gates. Both types have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Swinging Gates

As the name states, the gates open in a swinging motion. They are normally composed of one or two sections opening inwardly or outwardly. Swinging gates generally operate in a much smoother fashion, with little noise. However, the way in which the gate opens can be dangerous to the vehicle if it is too close. Vehicles need to be a certain distance away from the gate until it opens entirely.

Sliding Gates

If space is limited around your home, sliding gates might be your best option. This gate type is hoisted up on wheels or a track. Unlike the swinging gate, there is only one section, which gracefully slides to one side. These too require a good deal of space, and they are often expensive to maintain. However, sliding gates are more difficult to force open than swinging ones. So in a sense, they provide heightened security.

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