Dumpster Enclosures

Located in Greensboro NC, we provide dumpster enclosures for commercial businesses looking for an efficient, stylish way to fence in their waste.

Dumpster Enclosures

A dumpster enclosure can be used for a range of services including hiding loading docks, dumpster wall surrounds, recycle containers, electrical transformers, utility meters, maintenance vehicle areas, storage areas, swimming pool pumps and heaters, portable toilets and propane tanks.  Very often businesses want a design that will hide these unpleasant areas with a stylish look that will enhance and not diminish the exterior of the building.

Dumpster Enclosure Experts

Dumpster EnclosureOur fencing experts will work with you and your business to build the perfect dumpster enclosure to hide your waste from the public.  Whether it be chain link fence, wood or any other material that you choose to build your dumpster enclosure, we will make sure that it aesthetically fits the style of your building.

To speak with a fence building expert, simply contact us today for a FREE consultation or call us at 336-510-5561 and we will help guide you through the process of building a dumpster enclosure.