Many of you may be facing the question of whether to repair your fence or replace it entirely. Your fence may be beginning to look worn, the gate isn’t opening properly, the fence post may not be standing up straight, or many other problems. The idea of completely replacing a fence can be intimidating and sound expensive. In some cases you may just need to replace a few parts. If you find yourself facing this big question, here is how you can decipher which route to take.

Look closely at your fence posts and make sure that they are still strong. If you notice that these posts are beginning to rot, then you may need to replace the entire fence. Rot will only continue to grow as time goes on. However, if only a few posts are rotting (usually one-third) you can get by with just replacing those posts.

If the problem with your fence is the gate, look at the hinges. Typically when you have a problem with your gate you do not have to replace the entire fence. Hinges can be easily fixed and the gate re-hung.

Now look at the rails. If they are sagging, they definitely need repair. If more than one-third of the rails are in need of repair, then you will need a new fence altogether.

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