Installing a fence around your property can serve dual purposes. Homeowners like to increase the security of their homes while also enhancing the aesthetics and style of their property. But leaving openings, or parts of the fencing incomplete can compromise both purposes. Sometimes this is done unintentionally, simply because the homeowners forget about the driveway and the importance of a driveway entry gate.

There is definitely a security benefit to extending your fencing to the driveway. People who leave the driveway open are usually most concerned with the looks that the fencing brings to the home. This is understandable, but it does leave the home vulnerable security-wise. Trespassers, animals, and prowlers can easily be dissuaded just by the presence of a driveway entry gate. Actually, the absence of one can be their incentive.

The security of a home often starts with the first impression that it gives the public. The biggest benefit of a driveway entry gate is that it gives the impression of a secured property. If the homeowners have taken the time to install a driveway gate, then the rest of the home has probably received the same amount of attention. Thieves will typically target properties where they feel they’ll receive the least amount of resistance on the property. If choosing between a home with a driveway entry gate, and one without, it’s almost certain they will choose the one without.

Without the driveway entry gate, people are basically allowed to freely trespass onto the property. There may need to be a couple extra steps during installation, or post-installation, like adding automated openers or manually opening and closing gates. But it’s worth the time and effort. Homeowners should always remember that if they are spending many hours during the day away from the property, there will be no way to prevent trespassers. The driveway entry gate will be just the right type of deterrent and protection in your absence.