Wooden fences are susceptible to all of mother nature’s reprimands. Too much sun, rain, wind, underground frost, and so on can pose major threats to your fence. It is inevitable. The causes of damage are endless. Sunlight can cause your fence to crack, while rain can cause your fence to rot. Even insects like termites are detrimental. In order to know exactly how to repair a wood fence, you need to understand its anatomy.

Wood fences are composed of posts, rails, and fence screening. Posts run vertically, while rails run horizontally. Usually fences also include a gate. This is the swinging door, attached by hinges, that allows you to go in and out.

Wooden fences require regular upkeep and maintenance. Some people feel they can handle this themselves, but we suggest hiring a professional. Professionals can spot damage that an untrained eye can easily miss.

You first need to determine the extent of the damage. Is the post simply loose or is it broken or rotting?

If you decide to replace the post, you should remove the rails by cutting the nails that hold them together. The post is implanted in the ground. You will need to dig to remove it. Buy a new post of the proper size and apply a ground contact preservative to the end you intend to stick in the ground. Once the post is in the ground, drive stakes in the ground about 90 degrees apart for support. Afterwards, attach 1” by 2” supports from the stakes two thirds of the way up the post. Then pour concrete in the hole and be sure there are no air pockets present. Allow the cement to harden then reattach the rails.

If the rails are the problem, here is how a typical professional would do it. The process is easier than replacing the posts. First remove the rail from the post by cutting the fasteners, as well as the fasteners that connect the screening and the rail. Buy the proper lumber, and cut the size to your liking. Finally, apply the right preservative or paint to the rail. If the rail is close to the ground, be sure to use a ground contact preservative.

You need to inspect your fence at least once a year, especially after long periods of rain or hazardous weather. Once you find damage, you need to contact a professional before the problem spreads. One defective or loose post can cause your entire fence to collapse, and rot only spreads. There are many alternatives to wood fences, like steel posts. Wooden fences continue to be one of the most popular fencing options. It is important that you understand how you can make your investment worth your while.

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