Wrought iron fences can easily start to rust over time. It’s a simple combination of water moisture and oxygen. As it sits over time, rust starts to form, and when it’s not taken care of it can become rather dangerous. Not only is the integrity of the metal being compromised, but also rust is very unsightly. No one wants corroded, decaying metal on their property. The following is how to fix rust on your metal fences:

You’ll first want to attack the excess rust that may have accumulated on the metal. If you want to try something different, which can be done to help stop the rust from forming, then you might be interested in checking out something like this spot peening treatment. But it’s up to you though if you want to use it. This is the rust that may be thick enough to remove with your fingers. But this should all be removed with a dry scrub brush. This is a preliminary cleaning of the largest rust spots. Sweep away all excess rust particles, and for the harder to reach areas, be sure to use a smaller tool like a toothbrush.

Once the metal has been prepped with a “pre-sanding”, it’s time to actually sand the metal. Use a sufficient strength of sandpaper, at least 80-grit. Try to sand lightly, and to move in circular motions. This will further remove any of the flaking rust that’s still attached to the metal. Each of these brushing steps applies an increasingly more intense rust removal process. However, allow the harsh sandpaper to do most of the scraping.

When this it done, it’s time to get to the remaining rust. Vinegar is a great means for dissolving what may remain. Take a paper towel and saturate it with undiluted white vinegar. Place the paper towel(s) on the places on the fence where there is still a residue of rust. Let that paper towel sit for thirty minutes. It may take longer depending on the rust. During this time the rust will disintegrate and be removed from the metal.

The last step is to remove the paper towel(s) and wipe down the metal with a wet rag, and then a dry rag. This entire process can be repeated until all rust is completely removed.