With winter weather on the way, it is quite possible that you may experience some fallen tree limbs. Unfortunately, when these limbs fall on your fence, they can cause quite a bit of damage. You will want to have your fence repaired as quickly as possible to ensure that the security of your property is not compromised. Diversified Fence Builders in Greensboro offers professional fence repair services to the entire Piedmont Triad.

When your fence is damaged, it cannot function properly. A broken fence does not provide the security you desire. Animals and strangers can easily enter your property through the compromised area. Your own children and pets will no longer be securely contained in your yard. Plus, a broken fence looks unsightly and can diminish the look of your home and property.

While most fences are built to last, environmental damage is not unusual. Ice storms, sun exposure and moisture can all affect the integrity of your structure. Accidents happen all of the time. We have seen quite a few fences that have been damaged by a vehicle as well. It is good to know that we can replace the damage very affordably.

We are able to repair most damage without having to replace the entire fence. Wooden posts or vinyl panels can be installed once the broken area is removed. We also repair gates. Call Diversified Fence Builders in Greensboro, NC at 336-510-5561. We serve homes and commercial properties in High Point, Winston Salem, Clemmons, Kernersville, Oak Ridge and surrounding communities.