Fences are used to protect residential properties and commercial properties from outsiders. Often this property consists of valuable personal or business items that would be the targets of thieves. But there are other parts of our property that we rarely think about protecting. What we consider to be worthless and put into the trash can actually be what someone else is looking to keep. “Dumpster Diving” is a very popular activity where people will rummage through the dumpsters of businesses or residences.

This is definitely something you want to prevent. Having anyone going through your discarded personal items is still an invasion of privacy. And even if they are going through what you don’t want, homeowners are leaving themselves exposed to various potentially dangerous elements. Protecting commercial and residential dumpsters is a necessity, and best accomplished with a dumpster enclosure. Typically, there should be very limited access to the dumpster through the fencing.

The fence is able to protect dumpster areas through the night while homeowners are sleeping. This would be the time when most of the dumpster diving would take place. With the right type of fence, this activity should never get started. Commercial properties will typically require a more elaborate and durable fence, at least more elaborate than the average homeowner. Having the commercial property’s dumpster protected throughout the night is a bit harder, since owner’s are usually not on site.

There are many types of locking mechanism to use for dumpster enclosures. Choose one that fits your situation. Businesses may need to frequent the dumpster more times throughout the day, so a lock would not be necessary or feasible. The frequent trips to the dumpster could dissuade most dumpster diving. On the other hand, homeowners might want to have additional security, because the opportunities to dumpster dive have increased.