More and more Americans are adding fences to their property according to national reports. Why? Because fencing better defines your property boundaries, adds character to your home, and helps protect your children and pets, should you have any, from running out onto the street. As an example, have a look at other luxury properties like these luxury homes in Egypt for sale, you’ll notice there is a lot of decorative but secure fencing installed. As the housing market rebounds Americans are realizing that fencing is an excellent investment. With luxury homes, such as Rodrock Homes, which you can click here to visit the website, ornamental fencing is a given. But how to make yours stand out from the rest?

Hammered copper

You don’t see hammered copper around very often, but you really should. It’s a gorgeous option for gates and fences for luxury properties. And having a solid fence and gate surrounding your house will really help you and your family feel more secure. It would be a great addition if you are looking for a luxury property similar to these Willam Pitt properties. One bonus with working with hammered copper is this is a solid material. It offers much more privacy than a chain link or wrought iron fence might. When a metal is hammered you also get a truly unique crafted look that you won’t find elsewhere.

Etched glass

Another really different material used by more architects and fence builders to create luxury property fences is etched glass. You’d think this would be too flimsy for a gate, but it’s not. It’s actually really durable and washes down easily with water.

Garden gates

Garden gates are a really affordable way to help your property stand out from the crowd. These can be made with vinyl using attractive patterns such as vines designed into the gate itself. A properly designed garden gate can look fashionable and different.

Vinyl privacy fences

Privacy fences are also a terrific way to add privacy to your home. These are typically made with vinyl and can withstand wind gusts up to 130 miles per hour. You can make these more attractive with latticework at the top. Privacy fences are also great for cutting down on street noise you might otherwise hear when in your yard, or from inside the home with the windows opened.

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