Many homeowners quickly discover that the freedom of their dream home and property may not extend to the fencing too. There is often a Homeowner’s Association that will make determinations for the neighborhood that are counter to what you want to happen. This is something to consider when you’re looking for your next home to move to, and a respectable estate agent (such as Essex homes charlotte) will let you know the ins and outs of the HoA in that area if asked. Before any homeowner goes off investing money into a fencing upgrade, they should first look into the bylaws of the HOA. Even when you believe that your installation is a benefit to the community, others, namely the HOA, may feel like it’s a violation.

There are many stories of homeowners that have had a standoff with the HOA, because of their refusal to allow something that the homeowner wants even though it’s the homeowner that pays for the mortgage loan they took out. Their decisions are made by a Board of Directors that is charged with doing what’s in the best interest of the neighborhood and community at large. In a worst-case scenario, a homeowner will proceed with an installation, either assuming or hoping no one will notice. This rarely works, and they are forced to tear down whatever time and money has been invested.

Have an open line of communication between you and the HOA. It may seem like there is a war being fought, but at least you will have a forum to be heard. You should also use this time to acquaint yourself with the bylaws of the organization. Allowing your immediate neighbors, who are directly affecting by the fencing to your property, be involved in any decisions that you want to make. Since the HOA is designed to protect the properties of everyone, showing that you have considered others surely can’t hurt.

Before ever moving in, you should consider the HOA of the community. There are advantages, and obviously disadvantages to them. Don’t wait until it’s too late to do anything about it. That would be after you’ve moved in and decided that you want to make some changes that have been expressly restricted by the bylaws. At that point it will take measures to change the bylaws if the Board will not agree with you. That will probably take a lot more time than the actual installation of a new fence. The truth is that by having a fence around your property, you are directly affecting every other property.

Homeowners should simply be aware of the ramifications of an installation. Some of them may forget or be unaware that their property is not completely their property. Meaning, any decision they want to make regarding fencing their property can be challenged by those around them. Fences are an excellent addition to so many homes and also provide security and protection from outsiders. However, they cannot be separated from the opinions of the community at large. Don’t waste money acting too quickly and viewing these outdoor changes to your property as solely yours.

When wanting to make changes to your property and home, it’s safe to assume that there are limitations and any decision will be placed under a magnifying glass. Prepare for that with adequate research, planning, and inquiries.