If you have a swimming pool on your property, there are other things you will need too. I’m sure you’ll want a nice patio area and patio garden furniture to go with it, but more importantly you will need these prefab pool houses. You are most likely aware that you have to have a fence surrounding it too. However, you may not be aware why you have to have a fence. The reason behind the need for fencing around your pool all boils down to one thing: drowning prevention. Each year, 300 children under the age of 5 die from accidental drowning in swimming pools, making it the second leading cause of death for this age group according to the CDC.

Did you know that:

Most drowning victims were being supervised by at least one parent at the time when the drowning accident occurred.

Parents reported last seeing their children in the house previous to the pool accident.

65% of drowning accidents occur in a pool where the victim has a familial relationship to the pool owner.

Over ¾ of the drowning accidents that occur every year happen in instances where the child had only be unaccounted for for five minutes or less before they were found in the pool.

In all of these cases, having a fence around the pool that is both closed and secured by a lock would have prevented the unthinkable.

The CPSC staff has outlined the ideal fencing structure that will help prevent pool accidents in your pool. Using a four sided pool fence that includes a self closing, self latching gate is what is universally being recommended as a way to prevent unauthorized access into the pool area. In addition, when the pool is not occupied, securing the fence with a locking mechanism is highly recommended. The CPSC staff concluded that “the best way to reduce child drownings in residential pools was for pool owners to construct and maintain barriers that would prevent young children from gaining access to pools.” A four-sided pool fence with self-closing and self-latching gates is almost universally recommended as the best way to prevent children from gaining unauthorized access to a pool. They would also recommend, that if you have an above ground pool that was installed by a firm similar to Bonnie & Clydes Pools and Spas, then you should also have a fence surounding the pool area to ensure little ones and pets can’t get near to the pool.