All company executives will tell you that keeping the company’s important information and money secure is imperative. For instance, many electric utilities have firsthand experience with intruders looking to steal copper cables. When there is a will, there is a way. If you are looking to increase the security of your business, chain link fencing is an idyllic way to do so. Not only can it be customized to fit property specifications, but it is also very cost-effective and easily installed.

Chan link fences are typically made from galvanized or coated steel wire. These wires are interwoven and bent to form a diamond pattern throughout. These diamonds are small, which prevent animals and larger beings from squeezing through.

Corrosion of chain link fences is prevented by the coating or galvanization on the fence. While most chain link fences are black, the coating is usually offered in many colors. Some of these colors include brown, green, and white. So there are options for customization if desired. If your company wants a gate installed, this can also be done. Chain link gates can swing open or put on wheels to easily slide.

Now that you understand the physical characteristics of chain link fences, it is important you know the security benefits they provide.

A common security use for chain link fences is to mark off restricted areas or buildings. Usually areas that are sectioned off are those that contain harmful and dangerous chemicals or are used to store important equipment.

A second use is to define your property lines. Marking your property line with a gate greatly reduces (or even completely prevents) theft and intrusion. This not only protects your business building, but also your employees and their valuables. Often employees leave their cars overnight, which can spark the interest of thieves. A gate will protect this.

Homeless men and women often find that business dumpsters are home to a large number of valuables and even food. If given the choice, they will explore larger dumpsters. Having a chain link fence around these dumpsters will prevent this act, as well as keep away stray animals.

The only drawback to chain link fences is the ability to climb given wider diamond shapes. Although this is not particularly common, those with small enough feet can often climb up. Those that intrude on commercial grounds are usually not children, but older adults with much larger feet. As a safety precaution, many businesses elect to enhance the fence’s security by adding a barbed wire at the top. Many even use electricity, but sharp barbed wires usually provide enough protection to discourage most intruders.