The meaning of high security fencing can be relative. A residence may incorporate several enhancements to its fencing that it considers “high security”, like an automated gate driveway entrance, or high chain link fences. Also, a commercial property may require digital security codes or even barbed wire. However, the true meaning of high security would be government properties, which include ATFP (Anti-terrorism Force Protection) fencing systems. Every property can reach a higher level of security by enhancing its fencing system. You can also improve your home’s security by installing a home camera system to deter any potential burglars or vandals. There are many different security systems you can get in your home in order to increase safety. Some security cameras now have built-in gun detection to protect against gun violence. You certainly can’t get that on a fencing system, but protecting against firearms may not be a priority for your security plan.


Private homes can have many reasons why they would want to employ their own version of high security fencing. The residents and their property may require added protection from any possible trespassers. No home would want trespassers, but there are some homes that are specifically targeted for reasons of vandalism or theft. Larger, more affluent homes can fall under this category, and might want to go above and beyond the standard fencing protection.

For increased security to a home’s fencing, homeowners can always heighten the fence to levels that are much harder to scale. Whether the fence is aluminum, wood, vinyl, or chain-linked, anything higher than 6 feet will deter trespassers. Certain ornamental and decorative designs can also be effective at adding pointed, or jagged top borders that are also difficult to scale. Also, inserting chain link fence slats can prevent climbing.


Commercial properties will have just as many, if not more reasons for increased fencing security. There will probably be a need for a secure fence surrounding equipment and storage houses of a business. Depending on what’s being secured, there are a few measures for increased security. The first would be to increase the height of the fences, and turn a section of the gate into locked door entryway inside.

A heightened chain link fence can also be built with barbed wiring across the top for added protection to a business’s property. This would only be an option if the security trumps the aesthetics, and also if local laws permit the use of the barbed wire. If the facility contains valuable items, which would be worth stealing, then the barbed wire would be a strong deterrent. Many other applications like prisons, sports playing fields, and public pools might increase their security this way.

High Security

High security is mostly about public safety in these potentially dangerous times. Many high security measures had already existed before 9/11. But ever since then, the protection of government buildings has become much tighter. The same types of protections used in civilian properties are used, except it’s usually a combination of several design details. Barbed wire is added to heightened chain link fences, and sophisticated entryways are used in conjunction.

The most important aspect of any high security protection is the entryway. Even with complex automated systems, the fence will still need to be a secure line of defense. Reinforced metal gates need to be able to withstand the impact of vehicles or another ton of weight. ATFP fencing systems are a standard for the government’s highest security measures, which protect people, information, and valuable resources.