A vinyl fence is a very popular style of fencing for your home. They come in several different styles and heights. The particular goals of any homeowner can usually be accomplished when they choose vinyl fencing. Whatever they hope their fence will do, whether it’s providing a nice aesthetic, privacy, or a functional barrier, these popular styles are suitable.

Privacy Style

Privacy has become increasingly important over the years. You may not have paparazzi flooding your property, but the invasion of privacy is something we all have to protect ourselves from. The privacy style of vinyl fencing hides the home and property behind a solid wall. Coming in 4-foot and 6-foot heights, homeowners can feel free to roam their property without anyone peering through the fence. Semi-privacy fencing is also available. Tiny separations in paneling allow for recognizing movement on either side.

Scalloped Style

The scalloped style is usually chosen for aesthetic reasons. It adds a beautiful barrier to your property. Unlike the privacy style, there is no genuine feeling of separation between the public and your home. Anyone that’s on their property behind a scalloped style fence, of any height, is almost as exposed as they were without a fence. But the homeowner who chooses the scalloped style fence would not have been concerned about privacy in their neighborhood anyway.

Ranch Style

This is perfect for exactly what its name says–ranches. Homes that are on ranches with expansive landscapes, and with several livestock, will want a ranch style vinyl fence. This fencing is only suitable for keeping animals inside its boundaries. Only the animals that it’s designed to hold can be kept inside. Other smaller animals are generally able to infiltrate the fencing. Even without animals, the ranch style fence provides a beautiful outline to large properties.

Lattice Style

Lattice style is a popular vinyl fence. It combines the aesthetics of a creative design, while maintaining a reasonable standard of privacy. The privacy style forms a solid wall that cannot be seen through. So intimacy still remains, but additional unique touches are added to the tops of the fence, showcasing individuality and creativity.