Chain Link Fencing for Home or Business

corner of fence in a parkNeed to fence in your residential or commercial property but don’t want to spend a fortune? A chain-link fence provides the security and durability you want and the affordability that your wallet will appreciate. Our expert team of chain link fence installers at Diversified Fence Builders is ready to help with your project. Get in touch today for a free chain link fence quote.

Chain Link Fences by Diversified Fence Builders

Whether you need fencing to enclose your back yard, secure your commercial property, or even create a kennel for your family dog, Diversified Fence Builders has the chain link fence design for you. Perfect for residential and commercial use, chain link fencing is a quick and effective way to improve security. Our chain link fencing is highly durable, cost-effective, and comes in a range of colors.

Diversified Fence Builders offers chain link fences in the following hues:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Green
  • White

All commercial and residential chain link fences are custom designed and installed by our team of highly skilled experts. We also offer custom-built chain link fence gates for securing dumpsters outside of restaurants, outside facilities, A/C units and other proprietary systems outside of your home or business.

Our projects include:

What is Chain Link Fencing?

The main feature of a chain link fence is the chain link mesh – a weave of galvanized metal wire typically produced in a diamond pattern. The first chain link mesh was introduced in the 1840s and was manufactured with the help of a weaving machine that borrowed its design from the mechanical cloth weaving looms common during the time. The automated production process made chain link a more cost efficient fence building material compared to the traditional wood.

The next big advancement for chain link fences involved the introduction of vinyl coating which helps protect the mesh from rusting and weathering. An added benefit of the vinyl coat is the ability to add a bit of color to your chain link fence.

Residential Chain Link Fence vs. Commercial Chain Link Fence

Think all chain link fences are the same? There’s actually a surprising amount of diversity that’s driven by the intended purpose and use of your chain link fence.

There are three separate categories: residential chain link fences, commercial chain link fences and industrial chain link fences. The main difference between the styles are the thickness of the mesh wire, or the gauge. Chain link fences for residential properties tend to use thinner gauges, whereas industrial and commercial chain link fences utilize sturdier, thicker mesh.

All chain link fences are installed with posts made of metal pipes or tubing. As with the mesh, the tubing used for commercial and industrial fences is typically thicker.

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