Adding a farm fence to your property can actually add a lot of value. Besides just containing your livestock, these fences heighten security, pinpoint property lines, and in many cases, make your farm more aesthetically pleasing.

If you have a fence already, take a good, hard look at it. You may be able to combine this existing fence with a new one. In many cases, this may actually be the more cost effective option. Some fence deconstruction is surprisingly costly.

Farm fences do not appeal to all residential properties. That is obvious. So before you begin construction, you need to clearly define both your property line and that of your neighbors’.

In terms of terrain, you do not want to build your fence in rocky and steep areas. These areas will affect how your fence holds.

Farm owners can elect to build a permanent fence or a temporary one. Permanent fences prevent your animals from straying. They are great for cropland, pastures that are used annually, and lanes that direct the movement of your livestock. If a permanent fence is for you, do not cut corners in terms of the material. Quality material should be an investment of high priority.

Temporary fences are great if your farm is constantly changing based on the grazing patterns of your livestock. They are less expensive than permanent ones, and can be moved cheaply and easily.

You need to make sure you are constantly checking your fences. Regular maintenance will ensure that they are working efficiently. Make sure the fence posts and anchors are stable. If you have a wire fence, the wire typically loosens over time and with temperature changes. You need to make sure they are tight.

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