A pool has to be secured for everyone’s safety. There are many ways to secure the pool area, but one of the easiest and the most functional is the aluminum fence. This metal fencing is unaffected by water and wind, as opposed to a wood fence that may be altered by consistent exposure to water and moisture. For convenient and effective security, a special safety latch should be installed on the aluminum fencing. Diversified Fence Supply has an economy magnetic safety latch available for homeowners.

At the height of summer, when people are frequenting the pool area, there may not be the need for a key locking system. The frequent traffic in and out of the pool area, and keeping up with a key(s) will be, more than likely, a nuisance. With several ways to lock your fence, homeowners should pick one that is efficient. Installing one of Diversified Fence Supply’s magnetic safety latches for pool security has several advantages. This aluminum fence hardware is easy to install, and will prove good for rapid locking and unlocking.

These magnetic latches are made from water-resistant resin, making them as durable as the aluminum, and safe from the elements. Everything you need to mount this magnetic safety latch is included. A magnetic latch gives you the definitive closure you’re seeking, while also providing a quick and easy release. However, there are occasions when a key locking system is appropriate. For instance, during off seasons when the pool is not being used. A key locking system is included with the latch for extended security.

The self-latching design uses the magnetic assembly to give owners added assurance that the gate will close, and remain so until released. Some other designs require an additional push to make sure they are locking as intended. Any resistance might leave the gate unlocked.