First, we might as well consider whether adding a pool at all will increase the value of your home. Many people think that adding a pool to the home will make it more valuable, and that a fence is a bonus to the home and pool. It is true that having a pool, especially in certain regions, can be a must. So there are circumstances when pools are valued differently. But generally speaking, a pool can do just the opposite to your home’s value.

When you add a pool to a home, you are actually adding a burden to a potential buyer. A pool is an added expense, because of all the maintenance they require. That additional expense is definitely not something that makes your home more valuable. So, by that logic adding a pool fence is not going to increase the value of your home. In the circumstances when pools are a highly sought after feature, then adding a fence may be helpful in selling a safe environment. But they will rarely, if ever, increase the value of your home. The circumstances in which you should consider putting up a fence for value’s sake, are ones in which a pool is considered a necessity.

A pool is also a safety hazard that many people don’t want to deal with. Having a fence up will only protect them from an expensive pool that they never really wanted in the first place. It will cost a potential buyer way too much money to get rid of a pool. It will typically be a turn-off to purchasing. No matter how pretty the pool looks, an appraiser will be using factors that have an impact on the ability to sell the home. There is a chance that the pool can actually help sell the home faster, but the value of the home will not be changed because a pool, or a pool fence.

Even though homes will not change values after installing a pool or a pool fence, there is still ample reason to install a pool fence. The pool maintenance will be an expense, as will homeowner’s insurance premiums. Installing a privacy fence will be necessary to keep down your liability.