s3At Diversified Fence Builders, we are committed to helping you create a more beautiful dumpster area at your business. We understand the need for creating a beautiful place for your customers to come to, but as a business, it is likely that you will often have to use a dumpster to dispose of the waste you produce (get more info at Trash King if you’re currently on the hunt for a dumpster provider for your company). However, having a dumpster that sits out in the open is not only an eyesore, but can also attract animals and would be thieves looking to steal sensitive information from your business and your customers. The dumpster enclosures we provide will blend seamlessly into your current landscaping theme and provide a more aesthetically pleasing and secure environment.

Diversified Fence Builders has been creating dumpster enclosures for commercial properties for years. We use a variety of materials designed to better protect your dumpster from damage as well as keeping animals and intruders out. Some of these materials include:



Chain link

Aluminum louvers

And many others

Diversified Fence Builders Inc also has the ability to design and create dumpster enclosures that exactly match the exterior of your facility thanks to the use of a state of the art fabrication facility.

So, whether you have inherited an unsightly dumpster situation that you would like to rectify or need to bring your current dumpster situation up to code, Diversified Fence Builders is ready to help. We offer quality constructed security products that will help you meet your needs, and are 100% committed to your satisfaction.

For more information about the dumpster enclosures for commercial properties that we offer or to have someone come to your property to provide you with a free estimate, simply complete the contact form here. Or, browse through our gallery to see some of our other projects to help guide your decision making process. If you have seen other dumpster enclosures that you might be interested in, please attach them to your contact form.