Your beautiful garden this summer should be accentuated with a beautiful and creative garden fence. Fences aren’t just for decoration. But they’re for protecting the plants, vegetables, flowers and fruits in your garden from animals, and intruders. They must be protected with a good fence. Animals like raccoons, deer, and rabbits are just a few of the pesky rodents that will be warded off with a fence. While the fence is functional as a barrier, there are still ways to make the garden an attraction with a creative garden fence design.

Homeowners can always choose to be as economical and environmentally conscious as possible. One creative way is to use bamboo, which can be posted easily without much assistance or cost. The parts that make up the bamboo fence are bamboo poles and bird netting. Bamboo can be found in many surrounding areas, and recycled materials will keep this post making a conscientious statement for years. Twine and netting will attach and hang from the poles that are driven into the ground to form this basic style.

One of the most important characteristics of a garden fence is that it’s see-through. The garden must always be highlighted and visible, but there are many types of nets you can install. Metal fence posts will form sturdy supports that surround the garden, at about ten feet apart each. Vinyl-coated chain link wire fences are a great fence for keeping out groundhogs and rabbits. The same metal fence posts hold up the vinyl-coated wires. This gives the gardener both a pleasant and a unique boundary to showcase the garden.

Another creative garden design is to combine fence styles. Many gardeners are utilizing the perimeter wire to surround and protect their gardens. But as an added touch of style and protection, they also are lining it with a picket fence. The picket fence forms an added protection against the rodents that constantly after the foods growing in you garden. This new form of double-sided fence may not give the same amount of visibility, but picket fences are not complete privacy fences, so the garden can still be highlighted. It will actually make the garden seem much more sophisticated or important.

Being creative with lighting is another creative garden design. When critters are snooping around your garden, the presence of light will often run them off, especially the sudden shock of it. Lights can be set up on posts, and have motion detection set up to turn on when the animals are snooping. Using the fence to support these types of lights can be stylish in itself. At night, the lights will illuminate a beautiful garden. The lights can also shine from the bottom up when the lights are attached to the bottom corner of the fence. The choice of fence should be something sturdy, but a material that will still provide the most visibility to the illuminated garden.