Sometimes it is nice to break tradition and get creative. Especially when it comes to your home, your yard is the first way to make it stand out from the rest. It is the first thing people see. Many people stick to traditional fence options and designs, but there are ways to spice it up if you are willing to put in the thought.

Privacy Fence Ideas

Mix up the materials in your privacy fence. Start off with a traditional material and switch to another material on top like framed lattice. To enhance your privacy, plant the lattice with vines.

Another idea is to use wood for several feet, then another material like corrugated metal or ceramic tile for a few feet, then back to wood, and so on. This is sure to give off a unique, yet visually appealing look. This is a great option if you decide to build your own home and want some privacy for your grand design. Great Home designs for families in Sydney provide some useful design inspiration for those who are looking to build their dream home. With that dream home, you will want the perfect fence.

Green Ideas

If you already have a fence installed, consider adding plants into the mix. You can add further visual appeal by allowing plants to grow along the fence. For chain link fences for instance, climbing flowers such as honeysuckle and clematis, are fervent growers along this fence type.

Cedar fences are great for flower boxes that are hung on posts. Just make sure you pick the appropriate size and weight. Even vinyl fences can support these types of garden boxes.


Design options are endless when it comes to gates. Adding a gate into your fence is a quick way to add visual appeal, and it is certain to grab the attention of the neighbors. Gates can accommodate many design styles, from English colonial to a simple wooden privacy fence. Explore your options on and off-line, and consult your contractor for more ideas.


Traditional fences are straight lines. Simple, efficient, but not exactly unique. Many of the fence materials available today can be built in curvy patterns. Even wood and wrought iron are surprisingly easy to construct in wavy forms.

Brick and Stone Posts

Add onto the prominence of your fence by adding posts made of brick or stone. If you want to keep in your existing steel posts, do not be afraid to simply add brick posts in addition. It will give off a dramatic look.


Color is an easy way to change up the look of your fence. Not all fence materials can be painted, but privacy fences, picket fences, and some others are a great start. Even simply painting a traditional wooden fence white can make a world of difference.


Believe it or not, bamboo makes for a great privacy fence. Your home will take on a more oriental feel, while keeping the air around it cool and clean. Be as modest or as extreme with it as you would like. From a distance it will look almost exactly like wood until you get closer.

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