Vinyl fences are beautiful attractions for any property. They’re easy to clean, and very durable. Their beauty can come in several different shades, so that homeowners aren’t beholden to just the classic white. Even if you want the look of wood, without the actual hassle of maintaining it, there are a few vinyl options to choose from. With all its perks, it’s still going to accumulate dirt. Here are a few tips for cleaning your vinyl fence.

A vinyl fence can withstand a variety of different cleaning methods. You will want to start with a garden hose with a sprayer attached though. Spraying down the fence will remove a large portion of the dirt and grime that’s accumulated. Make sure you thoroughly spray down the entire fence, making sure as much of the dirt is removed as possible. With a powerful enough hose, a large majority of the dirt can be removed with just water.

Fill a bucket with warm water and dish soap. Mix it up well into a lather using the hose. Take a cloth soaked in the bucket of soapy water, and begin to wipe the fence. It should always be a non-abrasive cloth, or scrubber, used on the wall. This may take a little more elbow grease, but the dirt should become loose enough to wipe right off. Use the hose to rinse all soap and residue off the fence.

There may still be tough grass, food, or any number of hard to remove stains that remain on the fence. For this go-round you will need to use bleach with your cloths and scrubbing pads. Fill the bucket with 1 part bleach fore every 5 parts water. The ratio can be adjusted according to the darkness of your fence. The darker the fence, the less bleach that you should be used (3 parts instead). Moisten the towel with the bleach/water mixture and finish wiping away the grime. Be sure to rinse away the mixture as soon as the stain is removed.