When the sun comes out this summer, the children (and adults) will want to hit the pool to cool off. As much fun as can be had with a pool, just as much danger may be lurking from which homeowners want to protect their children. Regardless of the neighborhood you live in, the biggest danger is the water itself. There’s certain precautions that must be taken to prevent injury or death. A quality pool fence should be installed for everyone’s protection. The types of fences are diverse, and the following are three popular choices.


Vinyl fencing is a great choice for homeowners that want an elegant aesthetic to surround their pool. The ever so popular all-white goes well with the clean and pure impression that a pool owner hopes to give. The design of your home, and the entry to the pool area, will determine which style of vinyl fence that you want to install. They can come in private and semi-private styles, with limited to no vision in or out of the fence. But, it’s always safest to leave some visibility through any fence that’s surrounding a pool for emergency’s sake.

Chain link

Chain link is a go-to, multi-purpose fence that’s been used for many years. It’s probably the most popular pool fencing among them all. These fences don’t dazzle the eyes like a vinyl fence would, but they do the most important job of protecting and giving information. Strangers and stray animals are kept away from the pool area, and children can still be monitored from outside the fence. Heights can be adjusted to suit individual needs, but building a fence too high may be a hazard in itself. Mischievous children can find themselves climbing way too high, just because it was possible.


Aluminum fences are the classiest of the bunch. Homeowners who choose an aluminum fence for their pool area are saying that they value their property. A certain level of sophistication is added to any property that installs aluminum fencing. Since aluminum is very durable, and long lasting, there’s a sense of permanence or history whenever it’s used for fencing. The maintenance necessary for the aluminum fencing is limited, making it very efficient and cost-effective.