There are a lot of options for installing fencing for your property. But there are a couple of choices that are more popular than others. Homeowners will typically have two types that will compete with each other for which is most appropriate for them. Both chain link and wood are good choices, but your specific needs and tastes have to be taken into consideration before you pick one.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now that simply means to each his own when it comes to defining what’s an attractive addition to your property. Some homeowners are simply interested in creating an aesthetically pleasing property, regardless of any other considerations. The home is the centerpiece, and the fence should match it in quality and style. Wood fences will have to win over chain-link fences, if for no other reason than the variety of looks that can be created. Chain-link fences are often associated with security, which can be a turnoff for residence.


For property owners who are not interested in adding a “project” that they have to continually invest time and money into, a chain-link fence will be attractive. Chain-link fences are virtually maintenance-free. Once it’s constructed it’s not as susceptible to the elements like wood will be. Rain, wind, heat, etc. will not ruin or affect chain-links, but they can wreak havoc on a wood fence. When constructing a wood fence, you will be in for a lot of maintenance if you want to maintain the same good looks. This is why chain-link fences are the best choice for anyone who does not want to commit to extra work down the road.


The cost is the bottom line for most people. When pricing is the main concern, homeowners will do the minimum for what’s necessary for them. Prices will always vary depending on a few factors like how tall the fence is, as well as whether you install it yourself. A wood fence will typically cost about twice as much as a chain-link. So for simply keeping costs down, a chain-link fence is the best option. But the cost of wood fences may be well worth it, if you value the superior aesthetics of a wood fence.