Maintaining your wood fence does not have to be expensive or time consuming. However, repairing a wood fence that has not been taken care of can be both very expensive and time consuming. Here are some tips that you can use to help protect your fence as well as extend its life.

Know What Kind of Wood You Have:

Most of the better quality wood fences are constructed of redwood or cedar with pine coming in third. Both cedar and redwood are good at providing natural protection against decay and rotting. It is always best to know exactly what species of wood you have when you are ordering protection products (more below).

Use Pressure Treated Wood:

If you are building a new fence or deck, always insist on using pressure treated wood; this is especially important for the posts which will be underground. Pressure treated wood resists moisture as well as insects, both of which can cause major problems. Some professionals say that you do not need to use pressure treated wood for those parts of the fence that are above ground. We leave this up to you.

Use a Good Preservative:

Most exterior fences will benefit from an application of wood preservative. Buy the product that is best suited to your species of wood. These liquid products are easy to paint on or spray onto the surface of the wood and will add years to just about any fence. These can also be purchased in stains or colors if you wish to change the look of the natural wood. One word of caution here: if you use a stain or paint preservative, it will be impossible to go back to the natural look of the wood later on if you change your mind. Make sure you like what the look of the stain is before you apply it to the whole fence. Test on a scrap piece of wood first.