There are basically two types of properties, residential and commercial. Not every fence will be appropriate, or an attractive fit for every type of property. Residences can usually be identified with certain styles, while commercial properties are fenced in by something completely different. Your selection of fencing will not only provide additional privacy, but it will define the character of your property. The following are the best options for residential fencing.


Wooden fences are the classic choice for residential properties. The phrase “white picket fence” is synonymous with the American dream of homeownership, and a genuine slice of Americana. Wood fencing offers a lot of versatility, and regardless of your specific needs, you can find or customize a style that fits. If privacy is your chief concern, then you can choose a solid wood fence. But if you want to have a more open boundary, then you can build a neighbor-friendly picket fence.


One of the most popular selections for homeowners is vinyl fencing. Aesthetically, it’s probably the most beautiful option for your residence. Typically, vinyl is a clean, white material that surrounds the property. It’s impervious to the natural elements that can affect wood. Such as the natural wearing and fading of paint, which necessitates a re-painting and staining. Vinyl fences also avoid any warping or damage from insects, that wood can suffer from. Colors are fairly limited with vinyl, and the cost is a bit more than wood.


This is not the most attractive option, but it can be exactly what you need for your home. Homeowners that have outdoor pets usually find the chain link fence is perfect. It’s certainly an economically feasible choice, as well as pretty durable. There are several ways to customize your fence to give you the amount of privacy and attractiveness you desire. Colored plastic coating can be placed on the fence for variety, as well as vertical slates for privacy.