A dog is a man’s best friend. No dog owner wants their dog roaming the streets, left to their own devices. They may get lost, disturb neighbors, or get into trouble. Many people jump to the idea of invisible electric fences, but these come at a cost to your dog. Fences can be a beautiful addition and even increase your property value if done correctly. Do both you and your dog a favor, and consider installing one of these dog friendly fences.

Wood Fences. This is a great option if you are on a limited budget. Wood fences are high enough that even large dogs cannot jump over them. Most, not all, dogs can easily jump over a 4 ft fence. Consider building your fence at least 6 feet high.

Vinyl Fences. Many vinyl fences are solid, meaning your dog will not be able to squeeze through the gaps. Not only are these fences very aesthetically pleasing, but also very easy to paint.

Chain Link Fences. This type of fence lets your dog take in the beauty of the outdoors. It is both durable and easy to install. However, if your dog is a climber, this is not the best option for you. The chain links in the fence can be easy for your dog to latch on to. It is more suitable for smaller dogs.

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