A homeowner will face the same set of questions whenever you want to install fencing on your property. You have to first decide which type of fencing is appropriate for you. If you choose metal over wood or vinyl, there will still be a choice regarding which type of metal is best. Aluminum is the most popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most appropriate. The following are a couple of the advantages and disadvantages of both.


Aluminum is so popular, partly because it is so easy to maintain with minimal effort on your part. It’s durable and not susceptible to the elements, as much as many other fencing options are. Whichever color of fencing you choose, that will remain the same for many years to come. Where as with other fences, continual touch ups and upgrades will be needed. Also, there is a variety in the styles and grades of aluminum for your property.

Wrought iron is fencing that is built to last. Regardless of the amount of usage intended for the fence, you can rest assured that this type of metal will stand the test of time. Aluminum is more durable than wood, but wrought iron is much more durable than all grades of aluminum. This is part of the charm of a wrought iron fence. Its style and personality are reminiscent of a more sophisticated and affluent time.


When compared to its heavy-duty cousin, wrought iron, aluminum is more prone to damage. Also, when you install the aluminum fence, it will require more special tools than the other types of fences. This inconvenience can end up delaying your project.

The biggest disadvantage for wrought iron is the expense. All that durability does not lend itself to any kind of flexibility. Money is no different. Capturing this distinguished look may be best suited for commercial properties for that very reason. While it certainly sets you apart, it definitely impacts your overall budget.