Add quality fencing to any property always increases its value. But when it comes to selecting aluminum fencing or wrought iron, home and business owners should know why aluminum fencing has definite advantages over choosing a wrought iron fence. 

Low maintenance is one of the most appealing advantages to selecting aluminum fencing. Unlike iron, which is a ferric metal that can oxidize and rust over time, aluminum will never rust. Aluminum fencing is also guaranteed to be an easy project to install in addition to repair if necessary. This low maintenance feature not only saves property owners time but also money. 

Affordable cost is another definite advantage to choosing aluminum fencing over wrought iron. Wrought iron fences must be fabricated using more costly metal. Aluminum fences are manufactured, which helps make their cost much more affordable for a wide range of budgets. Aluminum fencing offers customers the appearance of wrought iron without the expensive price tag. 

Aluminum fencing is a better investment than wrought iron fencing because it continues to look great year after year. It is available in a wide range of styles and tends to blend in nicely with all landscapes. 

Aluminum fencing offers better security features because it acts as a much more secure barrier that resists scaling when topped with pickets as an added defense. 

Unlike wrought iron, aluminum fencing can adjust to natural sloping that occurs on the property. This means that it won’t allow any gaps to appear at the fencing bottom when the installation involves going up or down grades or being installed on areas where the ground is uneven or rolling. This ultimately means a more secure border around the property. 

Customers also have peace of mind knowing that high quality aluminum fencing is accompanied by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.