The safety of every child is of paramount concern for everyone who cares for them. Making sure that children have a safe place to play can be easily provided with a fenced in area. When trying to decide on the best child safety fencing here are the five most popular types to consider.

  1. Chain link fencing is the most common and widely available. It is also the easiest and quickest to have installed, and is available in black, green, brown, and white as well as standard metal finish. The colored varieties are ideal for child safety as the color coating makes it easily identifiable and reduces weather that make metal abrasive for little hands that might brush against it.
  2. Aluminum fencing can be designed with pickets close enough together to prevent little ones from slipping through. It also makes climbing less likely as there are no foot holds along the smooth pickets that run vertically. There are designs that have a smooth bar running along the top so there are no exposed pickets to pose any danger of impalement.
  3. Wooden fencing such as stockade or privacy fencing is another type of fencing that can offer a child safe barrier around any yard. Gate latches can be set higher so they are out of reach of small children.
  4. Vinyl fencing is an alternative to wood that can also be designed to resemble wooden privacy fences, but without the risk of splinters. Vinyl is also weather resistant, does not require staining, and is easily cleaned with a garden hose.
  5. Pool fencing to enclose any pool is not only important for child safety to prevent accidental drowning, but it is also a state law.

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