4 Foot Dog Eared Picket Fence - Wide Space 1

Four feet dog eared picket spaced at three inches custom built to owner’s request.

4 Foot Dog Eared Picket Fence - Wide Space 2

Above you can see their mulch and walkway, which was also installed by Diversified Fence Builders Inc.

4 Foot Dog Eared Picket Fence - Wide Space 3

Above is a 10 foot tall wooden double drive gate.

Below is a testimonial sent to us by the client:

To Everyone Who Wants a Beautiful Yard:

I am writing this recommendation for Diversified Fence Builders and Jon Folsom because of the outstanding work done in my back yard.

My yard is not large but there was a great deal of work to be done. There was brush to clear for the fence line and a wood picket fence with custom spacing and gates to install. The old natural area had to be cleared, reshaped, covered with weed preventative cloth and new mulch applied. The patio area was redefined and separated from the yard with RR ties, providing a low retaining wall and a wonderful planting area.

All work was completed in a timely way, cleanup was done immediately, and the crew was helpful and friendly. Most important was the way Jon worked with me and quickly made adjustments when I wanted to change the original plans or asked for some material that was difficult to find. Jon is quite knowledgeable and offered great suggestions and ideas but always did the job the way I wanted it done.

March 2006
Greensboro, NC