With all the fencing options out there here are ten cool fence styles for 2012.

  1. French Gothic: This is a wood fence with pickets that are shaped and tapered to resemble a spear head. It is a step up from the traditional picket fence and adds elegance.
  2. Shadow Box: The alternating wooden pickets or planks affixed to the railings between posts using an inside-outside pattern provide privacy without the boxed in appearance of a solid wall of wood.
  3. Arched Stockade: Similar to a standard privacy fence this type has an arrangement of pickets to create an arched look between posts. This softens the look as opposed to the stark contrasting lines of plain stockade fencing.
  4. Cedar Picket: The white picket fence has a long tradition of being part of the cozy home dream, but even without the white wash a picket fence made of cedar promises that homey feel to any residence.
  5. Smooth Top Aluminum: This type of fencing provides all the durability of an iron fence without the worry of rust. The smooth top bar covers each section of pickets making it appear less intimidating while providing security.
  6. Spear Top Aluminum: This is another type of fencing that provides the durability and classic look of a wrought iron fence, but being constructed of aluminum, there is no concern of rust.
  7. Colored Chain Link: Chain link fencing is one of the most widely available and used types of fencing for both commercial and residential areas. Add a little distinctiveness, and possibly make it less of an eye sore with colored options such as black, brown, green, or even white.
  8. Vinyl Scallop: Wood tends to be the most obvious choice when constructing a privacy fence, but vinyl can be a less expensive option. A scalloped top provides the look of a scalloped top wood fence, while being more resistant to weathering and easy to clean with a hose.
  9. Vinyl Lattice: If you want that lattice fence look, the durability and longevity of vinyl has a strong appeal over wood.
  10. Vinyl Ranch: Whether you are marking the boundaries of your farm or your sprawling yard, ranch fencing made of vinyl can provide a clean uniformed look to complement the architecture of your barn or home.

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